Printing Funds

There are two ways to add printing money to your Drake account.  You can add money to your Bulldog Bucks account either online (Blueview – My Drake Account tab) or at the Student Services Center in Lower Carnegie (funds can be added in any increment).  In addition to printing, this money can be used for on-campus dining and laundry.   

The Cowles Library and Law Library also have designated terminals where printing money can be added.  Adding web credit directly into Papercut is no longer available, however, you will still use the application to print as you always have (

If you have any questions about how to add funds or about your account balance, please contact the Student Services Center (271-2000,  If you are having technical difficulties with printing, please contact the Support Center (271-3001 or submit a ticket online).

Organization Spotlight

The goal of Organization Spotlight is to spotlight different organizations on campus and to thank them or give acknowledgement to the organization and why they rock. There is a link to a Google doc form that you are able to utilize at any time, which will serve as an outlet where you can submit outstanding deeds performed by organizations on campus. We would like for all of you to get more promotion for the great things you are doing. Each month or so, an organization will be spotlighted in President Joey Gale’s newsletter, as well as it will receive additional promoting on this page. Please do your best to submit commentaries on great organizations, and maybe organizations that don’t usually receive too much recognition. Like I previously stated, the purpose of this is to shed some light on all of the great things that organizations do on campus. This form is open to every student at Drake. The more submissions we get, the better the spotlight will ultimately be. For more information, please contact Kaitlin Lacek.

Academic Fair Update

Drake’s second annual Academic fair is designed for students to learn about all of the majors, minors, and concentrations available at Drake. There will also be opportunities for students to learn about programs/resources such as study abroad programs, how to generate degree audits through student records, and Drake’s academic achievement team where they can schedule times for resume critiques, effective time management workshops, study skills workshops etc. The fair is scheduled to take place this Wednesday, September 24th, from 4:00-6:00 p.m in Parents Hall (Upper Olmsted). The fair is free and open to all students. If you have any questions please contact Bryan Thomas at

Academic Fair Poster

Creating an environment of inclusion, understanding

Hello Everyone!

It’s another great day to be a bulldog, for the 27th Session for Senate my goal is to celebrate more diversity on campus and promoting an understanding between the students that have different religious and cultural views. So we had an interfaith visit at the end of last fall. Specifically a week before Thanksgiving Break. Groups of students from different faith groups such as Muslims, Christians and Jews. We went to a church, an Islamic center and a synagogue. The event would not have happened without the help of Ted Hatten and our Campus Ministry.

As for this semester we will continue the effort to build the bridge and understanding between students by having Senate get involved with the effort to have an “Understanding Week,” where a different organization will share its theological belief with the students that are interested to join the talk or discussion for the week. With this effort, we are looking forward to creating a more diverse campus where the students have multiple views about issues without prejudice.

Ignorance is not bliss, it is an act that inhibits the understanding, and that can be created among people if they know about the background of the others. Let’s create a campus where people live harmoniously without having the boundaries of language, religion and race. Together let’s think a little bit about the song by John Lennon where he imagines a world live in peace hand in hand: “You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one”.

- Sen. Abdul Mateen Hashim

Critical look at retention rates for minority students

Hello fellow Bulldogs, this year my goal is to work on retention rates of minority students on campus. This goal might not show physical changes during my tenure as Diversity Interest Senator but it should form a stepping stone for improvement for Drake University. Last semester I used the time to gather information about other universities that fall in Drake’s category (Midwestern and private); specifically looking at the retention rates. I’ve also been in contact with Dr. Klimaszewski (advisor to Coalition of Black Students) and William Hatchet to speak about some issues that make minority students uncomfortable and ways the university could possible help to improve this.

My aim is to address Welcome Week programming and PMAC duties where they incorporate more cultural activities this semester. Some students find that this program/event lacks something, and they believe the goal is to meet with fellow classmates and find common grounds during that time before classes start. I hope to speak with coordinators of Welcome Back, such as Melissa Sturm-Smith to improve on how cultural and diverse these events could be for the upcoming Welcome Week.

- Sen. Shauna-Kaye Campbell
Diversity interest Senator

Curriculum, communication with faculty part of the job for CPHS senator

Fall semester 2013 went pretty well with the Academic Affairs Committee and in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  Over the summer the college welcomed a new dean, so as the senator for the CPHS I have been in contact with her about various different things throughout the semester and will continue this into the spring.

This fall I assisted with the ceremony to dedicate the new Johansen Lab within the college.  Also within CPHS I have sat on our College Leadership Committee (CLC) and Dean’s Student Advisory Council (DSAC), updating the college about things Senate is doing as well as being another voice for the students of the college.

The Academic Affairs Committee has researched a few different things this semester one being the posting of midterm grades (as part of the Senate 50 Goals), but decided to not move forward with this initiative.  I also have been sitting on the Advising TIG, which is looking into improving academic advising across campus and this will continue into next semester. Our committee also planned the Academic Affairs Dinner this semester and gained valuable feedback from conversations between students and faculty.  We gathered all the information together and are working to compile it to present to Faculty Senate.

Something else Academic Affairs is in the process of working on is helping to facilitate focus groups of students to gain feedback about the Drake Curriculum and the AOI program.  Looking forward to continuing this semester and I hope to continue to communicate with my college through the various committees I serve on and address any other Academic Affairs issues as they come up.  Another project that I am also helping to plan is the first State of the University Address.  This will hopefully occur sometime prior to spring break and include reports from University President David Maxwell, Faculty Senate President Deb DeLaet, and Student Body President David Karaz.  We want it to serve as an engaging event for students as well as faculty.

- Sen. Natalie Gadbois

Changes to WLC program, career services continue to be ongoing projects

During the fall semester I worked with Chrystal Stanley, the director of the Professional & Career Development Center and the academic achievement coordinator.  Together we had been working to address student concerns about the career and professional development opportunities available for students in the College of Arts of Sciences. From the outreach we have done and the evaluation of the services currently available, we came to a conclusion that the concerns students have, are largely centered on not being aware of what opportunities are available to them, rather than a lack of resources or opportunities. So to address this problem we are creating an advisory board composed of students with a variety of majors from the College of Arts and Sciences to work on developing strategies about how to best communicate what resources students have.

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