Do Better. Rally Together.

Do Better. Rally Together.

While the Senate approves the several University policies listed in the Student Code of Conduct, we recognize that reaffirming these policies and statements does nothing to combat the issue at hand or directly provide support for the members of our community who are hurting.

We condemn the racist and hateful actions taken by a Drake student against a student of color…This language and behavior is not tolerated on our campus and we will not be passive bystanders in our community.

We…have made a commitment to the students who we serve and we will push for the actions listed on the resolution as a preliminary step to becoming an actively anti-racist institution.

Drake University Campus Calendar

On April 19th of 2018, the 31st Session of the Drake University Student Senate put forth a resolution to bring a collective, online calendar to our University. The Student Senate identified the need for a campus calendar to address the campus-wide issue of over-programming, communication between student organizations, and effective event planning. In order to assess support for the project, the Senate put forth a petition which gained 634 signatures indicating support for the creations and implementation of a campus calendar. Then, the Senate urged the University Board of Trustees to consider the resolution and petition. After careful consideration, Drake University now has a campus calendar that allows all student organizations to view events on an organized and user-friendly online platform. Listen and watch the Vice President of Student Life, Giada Morresi, detail how to best utilize one of our newest campus resources! Enjoy, bulldogs! #ThisIsDrake #StudentSenate