Equity and Inclusion Senator

Jose Garcia-Fuerte


Hey Bulldogs! My name is Jose Garcia-Fuerte and I am a Sophomore majoring in Law, Politics, Society (LPS) and Business Law. I am from Netzahualcoyotl, Mexico / Denver, Colorado and I will be serving as the Equity and Inclusion Senator-at-Large for the 31st Session of Senate.

Apart from serving on Senate, I am also involved on-campus with La Fuerza Latina, Delta Theta Phi (Pre-Law Frat.), Roosevelt @ Drake, and VIP.

I joined Senate after a few of my colleagues at Drake encouraged me to do so. After being involved with Senate in various ways last year, I saw the huge impact a Student Senator could make. I want to advocate for students of marginalized populations on campus and inspire change throughout campus.

I am looking forward to creating a collective, supportive, and passionate UNITY Round-table where every member organization has a route for which to voice their concerns and thoughts on campus in order to progress towards a more intersectional institution. I look forward to the powerful events and presentations that will be put on by UNITY organizations. To the innovative ideas and efforts that will make Drake University a home to every student regardless of race, sexuality, gender, religion, ethnicity, language, or country of origin.


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