Student Body President

Nathan Paulsen

Hi Bulldogs! My name is Nathan Paulsen and I am a Junior studying Economics and Political Science from Durant, Iowa. I joined Student Senate because I wanted to lead the student body towards overall improvement and togetherness.

I have numerous initiatives for the year that all focus on topics and issues that students have shared with me or other student leaders. I consider myself a hard worker, understanding of others, and very passionate about everything that I do.

With that being said, I am also passionate and involved in Sigma Phi Epsilon, my social fraternity on campus. In addition, I am involved in Iowa politics where I was able to work in the Capitol last spring. Lastly, I am the oldest brother of three younger sisters and my high school graduating class was only 55 students!

Those are just a few fun facts about me and I am honored to serve as this year’s Student Body President!


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